Halliday + Baillie have been synonymous with quality New Zealand made sliding door hardware for over a decade.  The extensive family of flush pulls range in size from the diminutive 105mm long HB650 to the imposing HB1575 bi-fold pull at 510mm long. 

To compliment the flush pulls are a range of key locking and snibing sets for sliding doors from 170mm to 310mm long which includes exterior locks, latches, and privacy sets.  All sliding door hardware sets have matching sized flush pulls ensuring a seamless look throughout your project. 

All flush pulls and sets are designed and made in New Zealand by Halliday + Baillie, and come in a range of finishes from satin chrome to dark bronze and black.
A range of End Pulls for easy extraction of sliding doors from cavity pockets.

The new Halliday + Baillie FLush Bolts have evolved form HB600 Series Flush Pulls.  Bolts are milled from solid brass, and come in a variety of finishes. 

Browse our wide range of flush pulls, flush handles and flush door hardware online. Click on images to view the door flush pull detailed finishes and designs. All of our flush hardware can be ordered online, or through our suppliers.
Flush Ring Pulls provide an alternative option to flush pulls, or where space is limited (i.e. between doors leaves of bi-fold doors, or between doors and shutters.  These are available in single ring pulls of two sizes, rings with integrated escutcheon plates, and a privacy version with separate emergency release.
new Description
Sliding door hardware from Halliday + Baillie is designed and made in New Zealand with craft and precision, making for timeless sliding door locks and sliding door handles.

Flush sliding sets include options for key and snib locking for interior and exterior doors, with privacy and passage sets for interior doors.  Most sets are available in a variety of flush pull lengths (170mm high, 250mm high, or 310mm high), and a wide range of finishes.
Designed to complement our existing range of sliding door hardware, the new Pivot Door Series comes with 310mm long flush pulls in a range of functions.