We offer range of accessories from Halliday + Baillie and our suppliers in Germany, Italy, and England.  These are items that are often forgotten on site but can make a huge difference to function and the final fix.  Items such as door stops, coat hooks, cable boxes, bell pushes etc can provide the finishing touch to your project.
Standard Door Stops (see Magnetic Door Stops for more options)
Anodised aluminium flush mounted ring pulls suitable for hatch covers, cabinetry, and sliding doors.

Flush Ring Pulls and can be used with a spindle to work in place of a lever handle to operate a latch where flush fitting is required, and provide an alternative option to flush pulls.  This is ideal where space is at a premium, for example where shutters are used on the inside or outside of doors. 

These are available in single ring pulls of two sizes, rings with integrated escutcheon plates, and a privacy version with separate emergency release.
Door stops may not be the focus-point of a room, but we take pride in attention to detail. We aim for high quality design and finish in our magnetic door stop hardware.