HB1650 D Series Pivot Door Privacy/Snib Set 55mm Backset

The HB1650 D Series has been developed in conjunction with the standard HB1650 Series sets. The main difference is the use of a dead bolt (with no integrated pop-out) rather than the traditional sliding lock body. 

As with the standard HB1650 Series the D series is ideal for use on large pivot doors as a medium sized option slightly smaller than the 310mm length HB1480 Series.

The sets function on hinge, pivot and bi-fold doors and come as left or right handed, with various functions including a privacy option.

Material: Zinc die cast and brass

Backset : 55mm

Minimum door thickness : 46mm 

Flush pulls : 250mm x 45mm x 15mm

Suitable for timber or aluminium doors

For finish options please see our current Finishes Sheet. Please check with your local Halliday + Baillie representative as not all finishes are available in all regions.

Glue, epoxy, silicone products etc are not required or recommended for installation, and may void warrantee.

HB1655 – Privacy Set, Snib In, Emergency Release Out, HB690 No Pop Out Body 
HB1656 – Snib Inside, Blank Out, HB690 No Pop Out Body
HB1657 – Snib Inside, Nothing Out, HB690 No Pop Out Body
HB1658 – Snib Both Sides, HB690 No Pop Out Body

Product code: HB 1650 D

Please click here for the HB1650 D Series data sheet:AA HB1650 D.pdf
For installation in timber doors, please click here for the HB604 Timber Fixing Kit data sheet:A HB604.pdf
Please click here for the Halliday + Baillie Finishes Sheet:AA HBFinishes All.pdf