HB1650 D Series Pivot Door Privacy/Snib Set 55mm Backset

The HB1650 D Series has been developed in conjunction with the standard HB1650 Series sets. The main difference is the use of a dead bolt (with no integrated pop-out) rather than the traditional sliding lock body. 

As with the standard HB1650 Series the D series is ideal for use on large pivot doors as a medium sized option slightly smaller than the 310mm length HB1480 Series.

The sets function on hinge, pivot and bi-fold doors and come as left or right handed, with various functions including a privacy option.

Material: Zinc die cast and brass

Backset : 55mm

Minimum door thickness : 46mm 

Flush pulls : 250mm x 45mm x 15mm

Suitable for timber or aluminium doors

For finish options please see our current Finishes Sheet. Please check with your local Halliday + Baillie representative as not all finishes are available in all regions.

Flush pulls are designed to be mounted with the body within the thickness of the door, and the face surface mounted - total projection is 2mm. Fully recessed mounting is possible on timber doors with the appropriate door thickness. Using glue, epoxy or silicone products etc to secure flush pulls to the door is not required or recommended for installation, and may void warrantee. Glue, epoxy, or silicone products can be used to secure the spindle bat to the back of the snib flush pull for example where sets have a flush pull to one side only.

HB1655 – Privacy Set, Snib In, Emergency Release Out, HB690 No Pop Out Body 
HB1656 – Snib Inside, Blank Out, HB690 No Pop Out Body
HB1657 – Snib Inside, Nothing Out, HB690 No Pop Out Body
HB1658 – Snib Both Sides, HB690 No Pop Out Body

Product code: HB 1650 D

Please click here for the HB1650 D Series data sheet:AA HB1650 D.pdf
For installation in timber doors, please click here for the HB604 Timber Fixing Kit data sheet:A HB604.pdf
Please click here for the Halliday + Baillie Finishes Sheet:AA HBFinishes All.pdf