Click here for general care and maintenance information: Warrantee and Care Information.pdf



Click here for stair rail bracket testing documents: Testing DocumentStair Bracket.pdf Click here for FSB flush rose technical information: A FSB_Flush_Fittings.pdf



Click here for Halliday + Baillie finishes information (please note that colours on different monitors may vary; we recommend using a sample when matching): A HBFinishes2017.pdf
Click here for solid bronze and 'living finish' information: Bronze Handles - 'Living Finish' Information.pdf
Click here to read further information on the aesthetic of living finishes from FSB:



Click here for installation of FSB Lever Handles: A H+B_Installation of Lever Handles.pdf Click here for handing handing of mortice latches (non-locking): A H+B_Handing of Mortice Latches.pdf
Click here for handing of mortice locks (55mm backset): A H+B_Handing of Mortice Locks.pdf
Click here for handing of mortice locks (narrow 40 mmand 45mm backsets): A H+B_Handing of Mortice Locks_Narrow Backset.pdf
Click here for a list of minimum door thicknesses for sliding door hardware: A Minimum_Door_Thickness.pdf
Click here for how to remove the central panel from Halliday + Baillie vents (illustrated with HB1010): A Removing Central Panel from H+B Vents.pdf
Click here for how to install wiring into the HB525 Lit Stair Rail Bracket: A Installation of Wiring for HB525.pdf