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HB1950 250mm Large Rectangle Flush Pull with Deadbolt – 30mm Backset

Designed for where a sense of scale is required, the HB1950 Series provides key locking sets with more impact than the traditional size recessed handle.

The deeper finger grip in the flush pull make these an ideal choice for thicker timber pivot/hinge doors, and being fabricated from zinc diecast allows for cost effective use in both commercial and residential projects. The sets utilise the HB1920 or HB1930 flush pulls, and the HB2015 30mm backset deadbolt lock body. For a two prong sliding bolt version with 30mm backset please see the HB1940 Series.

Also available in 55mm backset (see the HB1970 Series).

Material : zinc diecast, solid brass

Backset : 30mm
Minimum door thickness : 38mm (technically these sets will fit in a door thickness of 32mm however due to their size and weight we recommend a minimum of 38mm)

Flush pulls : 250mm x 125mm x 15mm Suitable for timber doors.

Please Note: This is a run-out product. There is limited stock available, and once sold no more will be made. Please contact your local Halliday & Baillie representative for stock and finish information.

For finish options please see our current Finishes Sheet. Please check with your local Halliday + Baillie representative as not all finishes are available in all regions.

Flush pulls are designed to be mounted with the body within the thickness of the door, and the face surface mounted – total projection is 2mm. Fully recessed mounting is possible on timber doors with the appropriate door thickness. Using glue, epoxy or silicone products etc to secure flush pulls to the door is not required or recommended for installation, and may void warrantee. Glue, epoxy, or silicone products can be used to secure the spindle slide to the back of the snib flush pull for example where sets have a flush pull to one side only.

HB 1950 – Sliding Lock Set, HB 2015 Body, HB 1930 Keyhole Pull Both Sides
HB 1952 – Sliding Lock Set, HB 2015 Body, HB 1930 Keyhole One Side, Blank Outside
HB 1953 – Sliding Lock Set, HB 2015 Body, HB 1930 Keyhole One Side Only


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