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HB2025 Deadbolt 55mm Backset for Hinge, Pivot and Bi-Fold Doors

A wider backset version of the HB2015 the HB2025 is designed as a stand alone lock on swing doors, with your choice of handles, on timber or aluminium.

The HB2025 PZW is a 55mm backset deadbolt door lock that can be used as a stand alone locking bolt.

The HB2025 is specifically designed for hinge, bi-fold, or pivot doors, however the sister product, the HB2020 utilises the same case dimensions but with two prong locking claws suitable for sliding doors.

Material: Diecast zinc and brass

Backset: 55mm

Case Depth: 70mm from inside face plate.

For finish options please see our current Finishes Sheet. Please check with your local Halliday + Baillie representative as not all finishes are available in all regions.


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