HB1270 and HB1275 Full Length Door Extrusion
HB720 Square Magnetic Door Stop
Flush Pull Series + Marcus Halliday
HB1480 and HB1490 Sliding and Pivot Sets
HB520 Stair Rail Bracket
HB680 Production
POS Product Block
HB690 Series
Magnetic Door Stops
HB1820 Round Back Flush Bolt
HB525/HB527 Lit Stair Rail Brackets
Sdyney Office Move
Online Cutting Templates
HB682 and HB683 End Pulls
HB1091 and HB1092 Window Stays

DOOR Hardware

Halliday Baillie offers architectural hardware to the global design community, with sliding door hardware and pocket door hardware products of the highest integrity for both residential and commercial applications. All sliding hardware, flush bolts, stair brackets and extrusion product is proudly designed and made in New Zealand.

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