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FSB 12 1108 Lever Handle

FSB’s in-house designer Hartmut Weise was musing over what it is that gives the “Frankfurt Model” (FSB 1076) and “Wittgenstein’s Handle” their particular appeal. It was their “unpretentious presence,” he noted. He then determined to offer the market a sober design that was at the very least on a par with them. The upshot was FSB 12-1108 – a round tube coupled with a mitred grip of oval section. Is this the “Brakel Model”?

The 12-1108 lever handle is available as passage, privacy, dummy and key lock configurations, in various finishes for hinge, swing, bi-folds, pivot doors etc.

This lever handle can be ‘mixed and matched’ with various roses and back plates to match both the style of the project and to fit on various joinery styles. All handles can be used on passage (non-locking), privacy, or locking doors. Escutcheons, roses, latches, locks etc are sold seperately.

Finishes: Aluminium, Powdercoat, and Stainless Steel
0105 Natural Aluminium Anodised, 0205 German Silver Aluminium Anodised
0510 Blasted Aluminium Medium Bronze Anodised, 0710 Blasted Aluminium Dark Bronze Anodised, 0810 Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised
8120 Jet Black Powdercoat, 8220 Traffic White Powdercoat, 8802 Anthracite Grey Powdercoat, 9020 Pure White Powdercoat
6204 Stainless Steel Satin 316, 6205 Stainless Steel Polished 316<br.


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