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Halliday + Baillie architectural hardware products not only look good in a wide range of finishes, they feel good too.

Made by hand

Made in New Zealand

Hardware may be touched thousands of times, so materials and finish are amongst the highest priorities – longevity has become the hallmark of our success.

As an island nation, New Zealand’s natural and predominantly coastal beauty can be unusually harsh and have a corrosive effect on all construction materials. All our products are tried and tested in these conditions to look great and to deliver outstanding long-life performance.


With a wide range of standard colours, you can choose a finish that will beautifully compliment your design aesthetic.

Our powder coaters – operating the latest fully automatic powder coating plant – are specialists in the new Dulux Electro™ range of coatings.

With no liquid chemicals, solvents, or caustic solutions used in their manufacturing process, Electro™ coatings have negligible VOC content so not only look great, but are leaders of the field with their durability, UV stability and eco-credentials.

For our electroplated finishes, hardware is plated to withstand the most unforgiving environments.

While hardware can be used with a thickness as low as 10 microns, all our electroplated products are finished to the highest New Zealand ‘Sea Spray Zone’ rating of 25 microns thickness.

So even if your project is right on the beach, you have the peace of mind of knowing your hardware can withstand years of wear and exposure.

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