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FSB 12 1254 Lever Handle

A study of historical handles led Fawad Kazi to conceive a universally deployable door lever through a process of rigorous reduction. FSB 1254 combines the traditional emphasis on gripping bulk with an unembellished formal idiom. The handle’s cross-section sees circle meet square and embodies classical ideals of architecture.

The 12-1254 lever handle is available as passage, privacy, dummy and key lock configurations, in various finishes for hinge, swing, bi-folds, pivot doors etc.

This lever handle can be ‘mixed and matched’ with various roses and back plates to match both the style of the project and to fit on various joinery styles. All handle sets can be used on passage (non-locking), privacy, or locking doors. Escutcheons, roses, latches, locks etc are sold seperately.

Finishes: Stainless Steel only
6204 Stainless Steel Satin 316, 6205 Stainless Steel Polished 316<br.


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