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Tectus TE 640 Concealed Hinge

“Making something invisible is also design!”. In this way, the completely concealed hinge system TECTUS enables unrebated doors to be completely flush and therefore integrated into rooms designed with straight lines. When closed the door will remain visible, with an invisible hinge system.

TECTUS hinges have an opening angle of up to 180° and can be used with wood, steel and aluminium frames. The hinges can be adjusted in all three dimensions and require no maintenance. They are used on high-quality residential doors and functional heavy-duty doors in public buildings.

The TE 640 has a load-bearing capacity up to 200kgs and is perfect for hidden doors, flush cabinetry doors/walls, and wherever a seamless look is required. The wide range of finishes enables a variety of applications – they can be harmoniously
tailored to an architectural concept and fittings and can completely blend into the background when the respective door is closed


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