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FSB 08 0803 Door Knob

This handle is being discontinued and must be ordered by 16th August 2024 to guarantee delivery before it is no longer made.The 08 0803 round knob is slightly larger than the 08 0802 and is ideal for oversized doors where the 08 0802 will just disappear

The FSB 08-0803 knob is available in various finishes for hinge, swing, bi-folds, pivot doors etc.

This knob can be ‘mixed and matched’ with various roses and back plates to match both the style of the project and to fit on various joinery styles. All handles can be used on passage (non-locking), privacy, or locking doors, with some sets also able to be used on frameless glass doors. Escutcheons, roses, latches, locks etc are sold seperately.

Finishes: Stainless Steel Only.


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