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FSB 42 4204 Flush Ring

Flush Ring Pulls provide an alternative option to flush pulls, or where space is limited (i.e. down hallways, between doors leaves of bi-fold doors, or between doors and shutters).

The 4204 flush ring is 70mm x 70mm and big enough for use on both sliding and hinge doors with wide stiles. Can be used back to back with a spindle included to act in place of lever handles.

Also available as 42 4203 90mm x 90mm.

Please note that while the face plate is surface fixed, a round hole needs to be cut into the door to accommodate the ring turn mechanism.

0105 Natural Aluminium Anodised, 0510 Blasted Aluminium Medium Bronze Anodised, 0710 Blasted Aluminium Dark Bronze Anodised, 0810 Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised
8120 Jet Black Powdercoat, 8220 Traffic White Powdercoat, 8802 Anthracite Grey Powdercoat, 9020 Pure White Powdercoat.


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