Halliday and Baillie offer high quality architectural hardware products. Select from the product categories below to browse our door hardware products. Product specs, templates and fitting guide videos are available for many of our products.
Hinge doors typically use a lever handle to open and close the door.  Lever handles are used with a variety of locks and latches to make passage (non-locking), privacy (bathroom, WC etc) and key locking functions.  Bi-fold and pivot doors can also use lever handles with locks and latches.  All Halliday + Baillie lever handles are manufactured by FSB in Germany, or Turnstyle in England (Turnstyle available in New Zealand only) and come with a 10 year warrantee.  Most of the handles listed come in a variety of finishes including F1 Anodised Aluminium (match to satin chrome), marine grade stainless steel, solid bronze, black and white powder coat, and other anodised finishes.  Handles can be ‘mixed and matched’ with various rose and escutcheon styles to suit your look. 

All FSB door furniture is unsprung in the rose.  This gives the advantage in coastal area of all mechanisms and moving parts contained within the door aiding in durability, and decreasing maintenance requirements. All lever furniture can be used both in interior and exterior doors, on timber, aluminium, or steel joinery.

Pivot doors can also utilise a range of flush hardware for a smooth, pared back aesthetic, or where doors fold back onto walls or other door leaves require a flush solution.  Halliday + Baillie have developed specialised flush hardware for pivot and bi-fold doors that can work with a range of locking or passage functions.

Halliday + Baillie have been synonymous with quality New Zealand made sliding door hardware for over a decade.  The extensive family of flush pulls range in size from the diminutive 105mm long HB650 to the imposing HB1575 bi-fold pull at 510mm long. 

To compliment the flush pulls are a range of key locking and snibing sets for sliding doors from 170mm to 310mm long which includes exterior locks, latches, and privacy sets.  All sliding door hardware sets have matching sized flush pulls ensuring a seamless look throughout your project. 

All flush pulls and sets are designed and made in New Zealand by Halliday + Baillie, and come in a range of finishes from satin chrome to dark bronze and black.
For a statement on your front door, or a point of difference inside, pull and pad handles can be a striking addition to your project.  Pull and Pad handles are predominantly from FSB in Germany in a range of finishes including marine grade stainless steel, to match or contrast with your project. Handles can be used either as “back to back” pairs or on one side of the door only. 

Halliday + Baillie can also provide a range of locks, deadbolts, and latches, to work with the specific pulls chosen.

Most handles can be used both for interior and exterior doors, on timber, aluminium, or steel joinery, and on frameless glass doors.
Halliday + Baillie have developed an innovative range of stair rail brackets made from aluminium, and 316 stainless steel.  It is important to note, as per the installation video (Click here), contractors needs to allow for solid fixing, i.e. timber, studs, nogs, concrete or masonry block.  Recommended spacing is 600mm to 800mm apart.  For exterior use it is recommended to use the stainless steel versions.

One of the original products developed by Halliday + Baillie was the HB400/HB401 window handle, forged from solid brass, and suitable for timber and aluminium joinery.  Window Handles are available with several strike and wedge options depending on the joinery profile.

A recent additional to the range are the telescopic stays milled from solid brass and available in both standard and restrictor versions.  Both window handles and stays are available in all standard finishes and can be custom powder coated on request.

All window and stair hardware is designed and made in New Zealand by Halliday + Baillie.
The Halliday + Baillie series vents are a solution to incumbent plastic vents.  They are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas where a minimal, timeless finish is desired.  Vents have a 150mm spigot hole enabling installation with a range of off the shelf conduits and fan mechanisms (these are not supplied by Halliday + Baillie).  Frames are made from white powder coated aluminium, and the centre panel of interior vent is made from water resistant Trimax board in standard white, that can be customised by painting to your ceiling or wall colour.

German manufactured grills are made to order in your size by FSB.  Made from anodised aluminium, and are an alternative to off the shelf grills as a feature in your project.  As grills are made to your specification, please contact Halliday + Baillie for further information.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from order.

Halliday + Baillie offers a number of extruded aluminium products ranging from continuous drawer pulls to full length door pulls, and recessed blind box extrusion.  All extrusions are offered in anodised satin chrome aluminium, or raw.  We recommend purchasing raw product where clients can cut and colour to their specific requirements. Extrusions are purchased in metre lengths (1m, 2m, or 3m for drawer pulls, or 3m lengths only for full length door pulls, and blind box).
We offer range of accessories from Halliday + Baillie and our suppliers in Germany, Italy, and England.  These are items that are often forgotten on site but can make a huge difference to function and the final fix.  Items such as door stops, coat hooks, cable boxes, bell pushes etc can provide the finishing touch to your project.