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Builders & Owners

Classic hardware that stands the test of time

Besides inspiration, we know you need quick, understandable, and readily available information on specifications, finishes and dimensions; and we enjoy the challenge of finding solutions for unique requirements.

If you can’t get into a showroom to get your hands on the actual products and talk face to face, we can direct you to best imagery and installation advice. Often the quickest way to the best solution is to have a direct line of communication with our knowledgeable project staff.

We’ve been in the game for decades and we understand what it’s taken to get to the crucial finishing stages. Rest assured we will stay with you until your house is locked up and complete. 

Tailored Experience

H+B can work alongside you during the selection process, supply product samples, inspiration, technical details and even conduct a site visit if feasible.

Hardware Specification

We can take you through the wide range of options to write a full door-by-door specification and quotation exclusively for your project.

Tools and Training

For those wanting more specific hardware knowledge we’ll be happy to liaise with your team for a specific ‘in-office’ technical presentation, samples etc.


In addition to data sheets, cutting and installation information, you can find CAD files for our hardware at the BIMsmith Revit library

Curating Your Project

After inspiration comes execution; and we know that the devil is in the detail! Our teams have years of experience to help manage the end-to-end process.

Start to finish

Hardware forms a bridge between owner and designer and we are always delighted to be involved in a project when H+B products can be specified in your initial contract documents.

Once you have received your hardware schedule and quotation we will be as involved as needed during the project’s evolution with your contractor, installer, and as required, with your client.


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