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How we work

We align and adapt our service to the specific needs of a wide variety of customers, each with different requirements.

Who we work with

Architects + Interior Designers

We understand the pressures and timescales involved in architecture and building, and that aesthetics can be as important as making sure product is fit for purpose.

Joiners + Fabricators

Let us collaborate with you to specify our ranges in your extrusions and joinery. From mill sheets and samples to face-to-face advice, we are here to help.


We make it as fast and easy as possible to get your customers just what they need, when they need it. Getting you the right product on time and on budget is our goal.

Builders + Owners

We are experts in the complexities of specifying and supplying high-end architectural hardware, and we’ll be with you until your project is complete.

Curating your project

After inspiration comes execution; and we know that the devil is in the detail! Our teams have years of experience to help manage the end-to-end process.

frequently asked questions


Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us.

Hardware can be complex! The best way to decide on your hardware is to have a look at what you like on our website. Halliday + Baillie can provide style and finish options, work with you to decide the best items for your look, function, and budget, then put together a comprehensive door by door hardware schedule and quotation based on your choices.

Halliday + Baillie have showrooms in Auckland, New Zealand, and Mebourne and Sydney, Australia. We also have a number of merchant dealers around New Zealand, and Australia, that retail and display our hardware. We have a main distributor on the East Coast of America, and have selected ​​dealers across ​North America and Canada where you can view a range of our products. For clients further afield, we have distributors in England, Denmark, and can supply hardware across Asia. For your nearest stockist, please call or email us or check the stockist’s page for contact details.

Hardware is made from a range of base metals, which can be finished in various ways. Base metals include aluminium, bronze, brass, stainless steel, and zinc. Finishes can be applied to these metals by ageing existing base metals, anodising, plating, or powder coating. The Halliday + Baillie, FSB, and Turnstyle ranges of hardware all come in a range of material and finishes to compliment your designs. All Halliday + Baillie hardware data sheets state the base metal and all finishes available for each item.

Halliday + Baillie hardware is proudly designed and made in New Zealand, supporting New Zealand craftspeople and expertise. FSB and Simonswerk hardware is made in Germany and imported exclusively by Halliday + Baillie for New Zealand and Australian projects. Turnstyle design is made in England including hand stitched leather finishes, and again imported exclusively by Halliday + Baillie for New Zealand clients.

Halliday + Baillie make all of our H&B products in New Zealand, and we endeavour to keep all standard finishes in stock. This includes satin chrome, brushed nickel, and powder coat black and powder coat bronzes. We also hold limited stock of other finishes. For custom colours, or where stock is temporarily unavailable, we have a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks. Please contact us for larger bulk orders as these may also attract additional lead times. FSB and Turnstyle lever handles etc are ordered indent from Europe for each project. Delivery can take ​8-10 weeks from order for delivery to New Zealand. Again, for any customisation or special finishes, this time can be extended. We can advise approximate lead times on order. Locks and latches are kept in stock, so ‘dry fit sets’ of hardware for preparing and cutting doors before painting etc, can be provided on confirmation of your order.

All of our finishes are of the highest quality, however some finishes can attract a premium such as solid bronze. For the best value the H+B and FSB ranges have a comprehensive selection of satin chrome lever handles, flush pulls, sliding lock sets, stair rail brackets, door stops and accessories. While we are known for high end hardware, if you can provide us with the PC Sum you have allowed for hardware we can suggests options that may suit. Savings can also be made by reducing the amount of internal key or privacy locking doors and using a standard passage latch. Options like this can be discussed when putting together a quotation for you.


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