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A picture paints a thousand words – so a video must be even better!? It can be difficult sometimes to understand the intricacies of hardware so we have a range of videos that show everything from what’s in each range, and how to select what’s right for you, to how a stair bracket fits to the wall. These are a great resource to help provide context and technical support, but we are always available to contact should you have further questions.

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Getting To Know - Halliday and Baillie

Halliday + Baillie is a major player when it comes to designing, manufacturing and exporting innovative and timeless hardware.

The New Zealand company has been around for two decades, and aesthetics, materials and finish are among its highest priorities…

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How To Specify - Halliday + Baillie

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the art of door handles.

Handles may be touched hundreds of times a day, so alongside design aesthetics, materials and finish are of the utmost importance at Halliday + Baillie…

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