HB1270 Full Length Sliding Door Extrusion

Extending the Halliday + Baillie flush pull range to its fullest extent, the HB1270 provides a graphic statement on sliding timber doors.  This extrusion is designed to run from top to bottom of the door, and can come in satin chrome as standard, or raw extrusion for custom finishing by the client.  Can also be special ordered with a deadbolt and incorporated escutcheon.  For hinge or pivot doors, please see the HB1275.

Material : Extruded aluminium, available either in raw unfinished aluminium or anodised (satin chrome).  Raw extrusion can be powder-coated or custom finished by the client as required.

Note : Full length extrusion is sold as 3-metre lengths only.  Please allow 8-10 working days for anodised lengths, and additional time for larger quantities.

Product code:

For a data sheet on the HB1270 please click here: A HB1270.pdf