HB1470 310mm Flush Pull

Designed to compliment the existing range of Halliday and Baillie Flush Pulls, the new larger HB1470 responds to the increasing size of interior doors. For hinge or pivot doors the companion HB1475 Bi-fold Flush Pull keeps a seamless look across a project.

(Shown with an HB680 End Pull - Flush Pulls sold separately)

Minimum Door Thickness Required: 33mm if used back to back with no end pull, 42mm if used back to back with an HB680 End Pull as pictured.

Material: Solid brass

Flush pulls : 310mm x 50mm x 15mm

Suitable for timber or aluminium doors

For finish options please see out current finishes sheet. Please check with your local Halliday + Baillie representative as not all finishes are available in all regions.

Flush pulls are designed to be mounted with the body within the thickness of the door, and the face surface mounted - total projection is 2mm.  Glue, epoxy, silicone products etc are not required or recommended for installation, and may void warrantee. 

Product code: HB 1470

Please click here for the HB1470 data sheet:AA HB1470.pdf
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