HB526 Stainless Steel Bracket with Wiring Capability

The Halliday + Baillie HB 526 has been developed from the HB 530 Bracket. The HB 526 incorporates a channel allowing for 12 volt wiring to connect to LED lighting strips and is made from marine grade 316 stainless steel ideal for exterior use. Like its aluminium counterparts (the HB525 and HB527) these bracket comes in a wired and non-wired version. For the non-wired counterpart please see the HB 528 where wiring for lights is not required. Includes all fasteners including anchor for masonry and wood framed plasterboard walls. Epoxy not included.

Please note cannot be used with glass fixing kits.

Material : 316 marine grade stainless steel only. No other finishes available.

Minimum suggested spacing : 600mm
Maximum suggested spacing : 800mm

Please note that while brackets are kept in stock, orders over 30 units may incur an additional lead time.

Please enquire about bulk pricing for orders over 50 units.

Product code: HB 526

Please click here for the HB526 data sheet: AA HB526.pdf